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The Problem of False DAC Reporting

The DAC Report is as critical to the livelihood of a professional truck driver as the credit report is to a consumer. When a trucking company reports negative information about a truck driver, it can ruin the driver’s career by preventing him or her from finding a truck driving job for several years or more. It is widely believed that trucking companies often abuse this power by willfully and maliciously reporting false information on truckers’ DAC reports, either in retaliation for seeking better paying trucking jobs elsewhere, or for any number of other fraudulent, anti-competitive reasons. As long as truck drivers can be threatened with a false DAC report for standing up to management or leaving their company for a better job elsewhere, working conditions at truck driver jobs will not improve.

How You Can Help

Given the lack of organized data available on this topic, a class action lawsuit cannot be promised or guaranteed at this time, nor is one necessarily expected to happen. Rather, the goal of this website is simply to learn more about the problem of false DAC reporting directly from truck drivers like you, in hopes that a pattern will emerge that justifies class action treatment. If you have been injured by false information in your HireRight USIS DAC Services report and you are in favor of a class action to stop false DAC reporting, please Share Your Story. The information you submit will be compiled in a central database and then analyzed in the hope of identifying a group, or groups, of drivers with claims against a common trucking company that are sufficiently similar to be brought as a class action. Any and all information submitted to this website will be stored securely and used strictly for the purpose of developing class action cases to correct problems in the trucking industry.

Sound good? Please Share Your Story.